Feedback: Mirrors

October 24, 2011
By caasi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
caasi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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“Mirrors,” by anonymous, McKinney, TX. This is a well written poem. It tells how mirrors mock people. What I thought was amazing about this poem was that it’s all true. The writer got real deep, and made me think about those types of things in life. It was almost as if those words came straight from his heart. It was perfect. Everything seemed as if were in the right place. This piece was well developed and had great usage of words.

How the person described everything made me realize that the person in the mirror always mocked you and you never did anything about it. I felt like I was in the author’s shoes and was experiencing all of it. It felt like a lot of people mocked me and called me names as well, because I have experience that before. I realize that I’m no different from them, because we’re all human. There are some things that the person could have fixed, such as the length of the poem. Also, the person could have used more similes, metaphors, alliteration, ect. Again I thing the writer did really well.

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