Feedback on the poem, "FAKE"

October 13, 2011
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“FAKE”, by Christa White was a truly memorable poem. It was featured in the October 2011 issue, and immediately caught my full attention as I read it.

Although this poem is slightly short, Christa White managed to provide this piece with a lot of information. I specifically found the meaning behind this poem very truthful and honest. This prose declared how everyone tries to conceal his or her flaws. On the outside, people may have glossed lips and lined eyes. However, they just as well might have dirty fingers, and hardened calluses.

Christa did an excellent job depicting how “unreal” a person can really be. No one can be flawless. There are things in everyone that "might just tear the beauty right off the unreal faces." I think people should read this poem to remind them that sometimes beauty isn't everything, and realize that not everything is what it may seem.

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