Lessons in Toilet Paper

October 27, 2011
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Toilet papering is a fine art, as described in “Lessons in Toilet Paper” by Jackson Lloyd. He wants to do something on Halloween that he would be proud of. Lloyd gets together with a few of his neighborhood friends, and they all decide to “decorate” someone’s yard. They all gather up nearly fifty rolls of toilet paper and grab a bottle of ketchup to go prank a neighbor’s yard. The boys waste every roll, spread the ketchup all over the innocent civilian’s driveway, and take pumpkins and smash them all over the lawn. Jackson thought it would be hilarious and everyone would be talking about it the next day, but he soon finds out that the family had spent the entire day cleaning up the mess he created; as a result, they all got colds from the fall weather. Guilt consumes him and still does to this day

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