An Epidemic of Stupidy

October 27, 2011
By lishabug BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
lishabug BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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I completely agree with what Sarah McCrea is saying. I personally do not watch these shows just for that reason; all they show are girls who think they’re so cute and so lovable just because they’re ditzy and go off making dumb decisions. Younger kids should not be watching these shows especially ones who are in the age where they are starting to date. They want to learn how to get a boy or girl to like them. If they watch these, all the girls are going to learn is boys want completely stupid girls who make dumb decisions, and the boys are going to learn that the only “dateable” girls are the dumb ones. I also agree with her that if these kids keep watching these shows it’s just going to evolve into an epidemic and just cause our whole country to be destroyed in just a few decades. Girls (and boys) should learn how to judge how to act from their parents or by themselves, not what is coming out of a TV screen.

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