How I Changed for the Better

October 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Jonathan’s school had an eye-opening assembly presented by Mr. Halligan whose son, Ryan, committed suicide. He told stories of how Ryan was bullied and how nobody stood up for him. Jonathan confessed in this article that he, too, had teased and humiliated someone. He had realized that the harmless jokes really weren’t as meaningless as he thought.
I’ve had very little experience knowing someone who has committed suicide, I guess you could say I’m naïve on the subject. What I don’t get is what could be so bad, so horrible, is there really no ounce of good that makes life worth living? I was taught that suicide is selfish and the “easy way out”. It only causes grief and heartache for family, friends and even complete strangers. I agree that hearing something like that is very life changing and especially makes you think about how you treat other people. The words you think are “just kidding” could be the edge pusher to someone else. It just breaks my heart to think that someone feels that he has no way out.

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