"Students, Meet the Real World"

October 24, 2011
By ekent.2013 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
ekent.2013 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“Students, Meet the Real World” by Jon Von Stein is a point of view article. The author believes that schools aren’t doing enough to prepare students for the real world. Jon Von Stein believes that after volunteering as an engineer that schools make us memorize facts that we will forget as soon as the test is taken. Schools are “old-fashioned” according to him and teach us based on what we used to need for the real world. He goes on the give the reader solutions to fix the problem; he gives ideas and ways to change schools to improve the way teachers teach.
I found “Students, Meet the Real World” by Jon Von Stein in Teen Ink’s October 2011 to be very insightful. I enjoyed reading it. The author shed a new light on schools and students. I have always thought that students memorize facts that will be forgotten later, and the facts for the most part can’t be used in the “real world”. I will never have a need to know what the atomic number of chlorine is but schools teach students to memorize facts used in an out dated school system. American schools have become more focused on memorizing facts instead of teaching and preparing students for work in the real world. I can understand Jon Von Stein’s point of view. He not only tells the author about the problem, the school system, but he also gives readers solutions. Students can experience classes by taking “a hands” on approach to help them apply information to “real-world situations.” In the words of Jon Von Stein, “ Students should leave school prepared for the real world. Anything less is time wasted.”

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