Fears and Promises

October 25, 2011
By MarissaA BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
MarissaA BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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A teenage girl is basically on her deathbed. She either has been in an accident or has a disease where she is losing blood. She realizes some of the procedures and medications are not helping, and she could die if she keeps losing blood. When she learns of a last options surgery that could save her life, she starts thinking of a lot of things. She dreams of her goals and wonders what will happen to her if she dies. She really just wants to be right with everyone and be at peace when she goes into her surgery, knowing it could be among her last days. “Fears and Promises” by Miranda Wheeler in the October 2011 issue had a really large impact on me. I couldn’t even imagine being in the hospital, knowing I could die at any moment. I couldn’t look up at my mom in a hospital bed, wondering if these were the last few days I would ever have with her, and on the other side, I can’t imagine her sitting there looking at me, thinking I could die from blood loss at any moment. It would be very difficult at such a young age to have the possibility of dying at any given moment. I personally feel as if Miranda was thinking the right way when she says that she wants to be at peace and not hold any grudges. She seems to be taking the news surprisingly well given the circumstance.

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