My Shining Freshman Moment

October 20, 2011
By Chris_10 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
Chris_10 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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In the October issue of Teen Ink Bridget McFadden writes a thrill full article called “My Shining Freshman Moment.” “My Shining Freshman Moment” is a very good example of the way many kids feel who participate in sports or have something big they want to accomplish. This young girl participated in a cheerleading squad and her team had a huge competition that they were to compete in. In the article she explains her emotions and how her heart was racing so fast because the nerves were building up in her for this big competition. I can relate to this girl highly because when I was in track I got the same gut feelings. My heart would always be pounding and racing 100 Mph waiting for the gun to go off. I think kids like her at Ayersville get worked up all the time over sports and maybe even a test that they are getting ready to take. In the end usually the nerves were not even worth it because everything turns out just fine.

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