my shining freshman moment

October 20, 2011
By BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The article is about a freshman female cheerleader, who in the show gets a shining moment. She feels so much pressure but at the same time she remains confident and knows she can succeed. She does everything to her best ability and in the end her cheer squad comes out with first place.

I agree with the article , in any sport , as long as you stay optimistic anything is possible, the girl is very nervous about performing in front of the huge crowed and is worried about being a freshman making a mistake when she really didn’t have to worry about anything. I can relate to this story because my freshman year in football I played on varsity and it’s a mans game, I had to adjust from the speed of playing junior varsity and take my game to the next level and perform like I had been there before. I understand the article , the freshman cheerleader put much pressure on herself to succeed and in the end she did what she had hoped to do and she won first place. I’m not surprised, in the world of sports anything could happen. I see this dilemma at Ayersville both in football and in basketball, in basketball , we have freshman playing on varsity, and in football we only have two seniors and the rest are sophomores and juniors, which creates a great pressure to play under.

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