Midnight's Grip

October 24, 2011
By Samantha Short BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Samantha Short BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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The story “Midnight’s Grip”, written by Zane D., talks about Tyler’s “midnight adventure”. I really liked the topic of the story, it goes well with Halloween. When it gets to the part where Tyler has to keep the shadow from going to his parents room, that’s when the story gets intriguing. He describes this part so well that it almost took up the entire page. This is one way that it shows Zane is a good writer. I think the conclusion was perfect for the story’s ending. I was finally able to realize why the shadow was there in the first place. All throughout the story, it would continue to build suspense until the very end.

The story never made the reader bored, it was just too interesting. Once you started reading, you couldn’t stop because you want to find out how it ends. It was extremely descriptive, with lots of adjectives. All throughout the story I could make a picture in my mind just because of how descriptive it was. “Midnight’s Grip” explained a lot, but only went into detail for the important things. The body of the story was well-written. I would have to say that this author is an amazing writer. The life moral of this story to me would be don’t give up, fight for others (don’t be self-centered), or karma. But it really depends on how the other readers see it too.

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