What is the meaning of love?

October 22, 2011
By Anonymous

In “the meaning of love?” by “Kiana B.” from Alto, TX, I saw that this poem showed great emotions and deep feelings. I believe that many people can relate to this poem. The author did a great job on answering the question that she asked and that most of us wonder, “What is the meaning of love?”; to her the meaning of love is pain, happiness, and its unpredictable. When you fall in love you are all happy and exited, then words and promises fly away and turn into dust. She clearly stated everything she felt, she made us feel what she feels, her comparisons were great and I love it how there are people like her that aren’t afraid to express their feelings.
I personally loved this poem. I related to it because I have been through a lot for being this young but yet I still wonder what the meaning of love is. I also loved how she used great metaphors and similes; I also loved the riming scheme. The meaning of love to me after reading the poem makes me realize that love is amazing but it will always come with its defects, now this question is crystal clear to me.

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