what a hero

October 21, 2011
By oscar juarez BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
oscar juarez BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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What a hero Theresa Mclaury a pastoral assistant. There are people that think celebrities are heroes. But does are not true heroes people like Theresa Mclaury are what you call a hero. She is a pastoral assistant she organizes when there is going to be a funereal. What Theresa Mclaury does when people have lost a love ones she send them a basket of good to there front porch of there house. Another thing she does is she likes to go to the hospital, and give communions. When she is at the hospital she makes friend with the people or kids that are at the hospital.

Now that is a hero she does this because of love. I am with the person who wrote this because it is telling the true of heroes. A hero is some one that good no mater were just to make that person happy or help them. Theresa goes to the hospital in her free time just to go do communions when she could be with her family or be doing something else. I am glade that we have people like this in America that would give up there time to go make people better.

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