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October 19, 2011
By Bilobaaa SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
Bilobaaa SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
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It's insane how words can impact a person and at the same time completely change their feelings. After reading “Withdrawal” by “Lucy,” I was at a loss for words. This anonymous teen talked about the physical and emotional symptoms of drug withdrawal. Her words really hit hard and made it clear that withdrawal from any addiction can be horrible.

The article mentions health class and how most young people don't believe the stories about the effects of addiction. Once you're in the cycle of addiction, the stories make sense, but by then it's too late.

It's good that Teen Ink is publishing pieces like this that discuss real teens going through real problems. It's comforting to see others experience the same thing. It's also a huge eye-opener for those who don't realize they have a problem; once they read about someone else going through it, it may motivate them to get help.

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