Daddy's womb

October 19, 2011
By Anonymous

I had a great connection reading “Daddy’s Womb” by Carl H. I really connected to the poem because me and my mother have that type of relationship. In the poem it was talking about how he grew up and his father did not want to let him go or grow up and move on. It was comparing nature to the father son relation ship and it was funny when his father in the poem would make up excuses so his son wouldn’t leave. I enjoyed this poem very much, just because I know other teenagers parents are having a hard time letting go of their children.

The bond that the poem was describing was just what me and my mom have. I had a strong emotional connection that I had with the poem because the relation ship that me and my mom have. The last line where it was talking about his father putting on a chain so they could stay together forever, sound like something my mom would do to me. At first the poem was hard to comprehend but I read it a second time and I completely understood what the poet was saying. How it’s hard for your parents to let you go if you’re going to college or moving out. Thanks to the poet who completely understands me.

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