"Fears and Promises"

October 19, 2011
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“Fears and Promises” by Miranda W from Torrington CT is a writing that touched my heart and gave my body the chills like if it was outside on a cold rainy day. This writing was about a girl who has cancer and may not live. Imagine finding out something like this how would you feel? I would be brainless not even knowing what to think or feel. I could connect to this writing in many ways from my past.

My phone rang it was 6:36 a.m. I answered it was from Cesar mom, I couldn’t understand a word she was trying to say, all I understood was that her son is in the hospital in a comma. As soon as I heard that my heart dropped and I rushed there as soon as I could. The nurses said there doing whatever it takes for him to be okay, his mom told me “The nurses have been saying he is really bad not breathing right and don’t know if he will make it.” “Fears and Promises” is a connection to this because both mothers are sad, stressful and broken apart. They both didn’t know how to react, but to cry a river hoping that would help.

The girl that has cancer not knowing what’s going on just thinking why is her mother crying? What has she done wrong? Then finding out she may not survive. Imagine being in her shoe’s I wouldn’t know how to feel, think or react to everything. Many fears will be running through my head and promises I have made in my life to my loved ones. Just knowing you wouldn’t be able to say your good bye’s or tell your loved ones how much you love them. Always let people you love know that you love them you never know if it’s too late, sometimes there will never be a tomorrow. “Fears and Promises” is a strong heart touching connection in my life.

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