"Fast Girls"

October 19, 2011
By Mayra7 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Mayra7 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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“Fast Girls”, written by Daii A really gave me a different view of seeing the way girls change over time. I have a different perspective now. Girls need to slow down, there living their live too fast, too quickly! They have all the time in the world. This poem is really good and it trying to send a message to all the girls that think there all grown up. I liked many things in this poem. Especially the comparison of being little and being what is called, “all grown-up”.
The main reason why I thought girls needed to slow down was because of this lines in the poem, “From riding with daddy, to rides with boys under the stars”, and also “From loving school to skipping school. Girls now a day, young girls, are wearing make-up, hanging with boys, and not caring for school. They think there all grown-up, when truly there not even close to being all grown-up. The author, Daii defiantly captivated the reader’s attention with this poem. She also sent advice and a message, telling, asking girls that we all have a lot of time. We have time to do anything and everything, just to wait for the right moment. This poem really made me change my mind. I am still too young to be wearing make-up, too young to be serious, too young for everything in general. This poem has changed my way of thinking and I’m sure it changed all the other girls mind that have read this poem!

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