A crash Course in Coolness

October 19, 2011
By Tania_1 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Tania_1 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Fear is stupid, so are regrets.
-Marylin Monroe

Driving is a big issue for teens. That’s why in “A Crash Course in Coolness” by Emily D gave a great example of ‘coolness’. I really connected with this story because I also have the similar issue. Having a paranoid mother, that rarely lets me drive; without her braking on the magical brake.
Emily on the other hand, thinks she can “race” the world without remembering the dangers of driving. Thinking of being cool & fitting in just because she got her license. Her bloated ego like she calls herself; was on top of the world. But eventually doesn’t last long. One day Emily went to pick up her friend Mia from a program. While she was reversing to leave the parking lot, she was surprised by a speeding car that was passing by. All of a sudden she bumps to a Jeep. She had hit the bumper. Luckily they were okay. But Emily started to freak out. Knowing she was in huge trouble, she called her mom.
That’s when her “bloated ego” deflated. Her dad was on his way to the place of the accident. When everything was fix, they went back home. Emily’s dad told her she was going to drive back. But why? She was going to drive to not be scared when she was behind the wheel. It was noticeable that she didn’t want to drive ever again.
Emily’s story was great! The best thing was that it’s a real story from a real person.

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