Epidemic of Stupidity

October 19, 2011
By VeronicaF.14 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
VeronicaF.14 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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I agree with the article “An Epidemic of Stupidity”. Our society’s minds are being badly influenced by the media. TV shows and movies are sending young minds wrong messages. “Jersey Shore” and other MTV favorites ate showing that it is attractive to be dumb. They ate showing men and women doing mindless things in order to have fun and be cool. By giving these people this kind of shows where all they do is dumb actions, teenagers begin to accept these actions as the “it” or cool thing to do. They show that to be popular you must be mindless like the author mentioned.

The author used good examples to show how these shows influence the actions of their watchers. The media, TV, and movies also show that girls should “dumb down” for boys, in order to be appealing to them. As the author explained, being smart is being ridiculed instead of being respected. In order to attract boys, girls seem to have to hide their intelligence so boys won’t be intimidated. These shows make sure that people think that in order to obtain what you want you have to verbally or physically fight for it. I agree with the author that these shows are definitely not a good influence for our generation.

As the author greatly explained, generations spend their time trying to imitate stars that appear on TV shows. Girls attempt to look like their favorite stars at all costs even if it means starving themselves. Also, this results in issues with many people’s body image. Celebrities ensure to make the worst example by doing irrational actions for attention. By fighting, partying the entire time and getting drunk, they propose their watcher to do the same. Girls will begin to dress inappropriately because they see a celebrity do it and think it’s cool. I agree with the author that we must stop this epidemic of stupidity or our society will fall.

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