Feedback: "Withdrawl"

October 19, 2011
By DomzM BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
DomzM BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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The article, “Withdrawl”, by Lucy from Boston MA., is about a person who took drugs and is feeling the side affects after it was taken. The author of this article wasn’t specific, but gave vivid details for the reader to have a good idea on what the drug was. Some examples are; “Why do people sell it to children if it does this to your body?” and “Every call you make, trying to find more.” “Withdraw” really stuck out to me because it was an easy article to understand and was very descriptive. This helped me picture the story in my mind. I believe this story was a good piece and was well written.

This article is something many high-school students could relate to. Such as my friend. She is going through something similar to this piece. If she were to read this article, she might even enjoy it and want to read more articles about the same topic, and she might not be the only one who could relate to this either. Maybe there are others who might want to read more also. In my opinion, there should be more articles written similar to what Lucy has written about.

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