A Driving Lesson

October 19, 2011
By Jasmine30 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Jasmine30 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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The article “A Driving Lesson “I thought was great. It was an interesting story. There was a good meaning to it. Also its structure was good.
It was interesting by the way that you could picture almost every single part of it. It also was really realistic about what was happening. I remember the first time when I was out learning how to drive with my dad; I accidentally pressed the gas instead of the brakes when turning on a curve. The only difference was that I didn’t crash into anything and my dad did get mad.
The article also had a good meaning to it. When the dad didn’t get mad I was surprised. Instead he laughed at it. The boy learns from this driving lesson that you should never quit anything. You can do what you’re trying and with practice you can get good at it.

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