October 19, 2011
By Dalila Madera BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
Dalila Madera BRONZE, Thorton, Colorado
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I love the poem “Fottball” it matches with me because I love football with a passion. I feel free, strong, and I fell like theres no problems in the world when im playing. I like this poem because it explains very good how the person likes football. It tells you how the football flies in the air, how he gets tackled or how he tackles. The poem also uses a lot of personification and similes. I also like the fact he explains football as “My poem”

I also like the poem ‘Football’ because through out the whole poem all the sentences have such good explanation and they have a lot of details. Like when it says that the football flies through the air like a bullet. My favorite sentence is “I found my poem flying through the air like a bullet. This is why I like this poem.

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