An Epidemic of Stupidity

October 19, 2011
By Rissabear SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Rissabear SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Sarah M’s article, “An Epidemic of Stupidity”, faces us all with a harsh reality: ‘Does today’s media really influence today’s generation?’ The answer in Sarah’s article is “Yes! Yes it does!” I have to say Sarah, I agree with you 100% all the way! The generations today are influenced into doing actions that are both idiotic and utterly unacceptable. The media not only spotlights this stupidity, but it also makes the behavior come off as something that everyone is doing, a new trend if you will.

I am faced with girls who show this behavior on a daily basis. Not only is it the ugliest behavior I have ever seen, but it annoys me beyond words. People! Open your eyes! How is acting like a naive child cute in any way? Of course children are cute when they do silly things, but they are still learning. By now, at your ages, you should have some sense of what is acceptable and what is not. Sarah, you brought up a very concerning issue and if the media doesn’t do something about this “epidemic of stupidity”, then what will happen to our future generations? Will all of the smart people be shunned into a corner and disappear forever? I hope that others will look at this article as I did; a warning for the well-being of our future…

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