''The Adjustment Bureau'' (Review)

October 14, 2011
By April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Kyle T’s review of “The Adjustment Bureau,” in my perspective, could not have been written more accurately. I agree with him that this movie truly makes those who doubt fate the most question if there really is a single man with the power to change everyone’s destiny as he pleases. Although I must point out that I didn’t completely agree with his statement explaining how the movie not showing the “omniscient” power controlling every person’s fate doesn’t detract from the movie. I think it takes a little bit away, because it leaves questions about whom or what this power really is. But otherwise, the conflict and how David (portrayed by Matt Damon) fights his own destiny against all odds to find the love of his life really is a highlight to this movie sure to bring tears to your eyes as well as have you on the edge of your seat.

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