How I Changed for the Better

October 13, 2011
By Larisa GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Larisa GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Bullying always involve hurt feelings, and usually is a common experience for many adolescents. The bullies themselves may sometimes be unaware that they are doing such hurtful actions. Sometimes, they just need to have a little inspiration to become a better person. In “How I Changed for the Better,” by Jonathan D, he attends his two period bullying seminar assembly, looking forward to getting it over with. However, as the seminar progressed more and more into bullying, he had realized that there was hurt followed by every rumor or insult. Instead of avoiding the topic and ignoring what the speaker had to say, Jonathan actually decided to take a stand, be mature, and stop his hurtful actions that affected others. He realized that “meaningless jokes could be a fatal poison for the targets.”
I think that this article should be read by anyone of any age. This inspirational article hits the nail on the head about this inevitable flaw occurring all over the world. After reading this article, it gave me a new overview of bullying and made me more aware to prevent this terrible action. I think that stopping bullying is essential and everyone should realize that it helps change for the better.

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