Discretion:Teens' Greatest Fear

October 19, 2011
By -SUPERGURL- BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
-SUPERGURL- BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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“Discretion: Teens’ Greatest Fear” by Kate B was an insight on the truth of image. It was about how teen’s these days are obsessed with their image, not looks but personal image. We, as in this generation, have let our personal image over take our morals. Keeping our private information private has been blown out of the picture because of our fascination with our image and being heard by everyone we know.

Kate was 100% correct on how obsessed we are with Face book. The addiction to it has gotten worse. We post just about anything on Face book, either it is your mood at that very second of the day, an inside joke, or even just to be read by your friends. Posting your pictures and being tagged in a picture is the end of the world to some people, it’s like no other thing matters in your life than what people respond to what you post. If we had no Face book, would it be the end of the world? NO! It wouldn’t be, we just wouldn’t be heard as much and that scares the hell out of teens.

The idea behind this kind of image is the new way to climb up the social latter. Letting people in on everything makes you feel important, and the chain reaction to that is being viewed as some kind of popularity. Being carefree and showing popularity is how was became so obsessed; without all this so called image, you would feel unimportant and get no attention. This in our eyes is the worse things. So I feel like Kate nailed this piece. She really let us know how image has impacted our generations’ lives.

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