50 Reasons To Live

September 29, 2011
By BVB_Hannah_ BRONZE, Edgartown, Massachusetts
BVB_Hannah_ BRONZE, Edgartown, Massachusetts
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“50 Reasons To Live” is an amazing story by Karen, about her adventure of not wanting to live, feeling invisible, her grades falling and feeling... alone. She lived on an army base in Germany when she was 14. The guidance counselor had thrown her out. She felt messed up, too messed up to deal with it anymore. So she decided to commit suicide. She took out a pen and a piece of paper for her note to the world, her last words. When she was about to put the pen to the paper, she couldn’t, instead she wrote “ 50 Reasons To Live “.
I’ve heard of things like this; I’ve had friends that have wanted to kill themselves before and I know how she felt. I once wanted to, too. I love all of her reasons of wanting to live though. I would have to say my two favorite would be “ I’ll have a winning lottery ticket in my back pocket” and # 43 “ maybe there’s someone out there who understands”, because I have to tell you, there is someone out there who understands... Me!

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