Bad is the New Black

September 29, 2011
By Kirsten Schuele Van Aken BRONZE, Vineyard Haven,, Massachusetts
Kirsten Schuele Van Aken BRONZE, Vineyard Haven,, Massachusetts
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When I read Bad is the New Black by Anna V. the first thing I thought was, I am not alone. In Bad is the New Black the author is an outsider, like me. she keeps to herself and doesn’t really have any friends. She is shunned because she is responsible and wants to be successful in life.
This piece caught my attention because it sounds just like me. Subtract the red meat bit. I love hamburgers. I read this piece and sat there, silent, for about a minute. I thought I know the way she wrote this. I wrote a piece just three weeks ago in the same style. She took her feelings and imbued the words with them. You can feel her emotions as you read.The hollow space where friends belong, the sadness. The feeling that you are alone on a prairie, in the rain.The sky is medium gray, it is raining medium hard. The usual wind is gone. The golden prairie grass is a sickly yellow gray.The only sound is the rain. You are completely alone. When you try to escape the empty, wet, grayness you run, and run and run, until you cant run anymore. Sometimes the rain stops. But you are still Alone.

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