Discretion: Teens' Greatest Fear

October 12, 2011
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“Discretion: Teens’ Greatest Fear” by Kate Beckman is an article that I, along with millions of teens around the country, can relate to. Everyone has those friends on Facebook who have thousands of photos, from pictures in the girls’ bathroom to a party that had happened that weekend.
But however, isn’t that what Facebook is for? Most people go on these social networking sites to communicate with friends through statuses or elaborate photo albums. Though some people may abuse this power, imagine where we would be without these social networking sites. Most of my schoolwork is done on Facebook. From getting feedback on a essay I wrote for English, or making sure I copied the science homework right. Other people use Facebook or Twitter to communicate with people in other countries. If your grandmother who lives in Russia wasn’t there at your bat mitzvah, you can post the photos on Facebook to share the memory with her.
Though there are always extremists in the world who share what they do every second, Facebook is a necessary part of our lives, whether you accept it or not.

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