50 Reasons to live

September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

The short story “50 Reasons to live” was impressive. The story starts with honesty and humor, and uses this to show the reality of it. It was inspiring and could have even saved some people’s lives if they felt the same way as the writer. A lot of teens can relate to this story because of the reality and could probably change their lives in a positive way.

In the reasons to live, she talks about her future and where she wants to go, like college or even help the world. Teenagers can connect to this easily, because most teenagers share similar dreams and opinions. The way the writer portrays herself, as a person, is very good because you can tell she is like any other teenager - having a hard time in life, maybe not even being able to handle the stress that most teens aren’t used to. In a way, it can help anyone realize how precious life really is, and it’s worth the trouble.

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