Summer Senses

September 28, 2011
By theitgirl BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, MA, Massachusetts
theitgirl BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, MA, Massachusetts
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After I read “Senses of Summer” by Amber Hart it made me miss my summer even more than before I read the story. I know what the author means when she says “The smell of Chlorine. The sun’s rays warming my skin. The grass tickling my arms. The bitter taste of lemonade in my mouth. Children laughing.” because is was a good description of what my summer was like too.

I really like every line in this story but the line “I picture the Slumber parties, staying up giggling all night, sleeping until afternoon and waking up groggy-eyed, entwined.” because it caught my eye the most. Also i love the lines “The word summer, sweet and familiar, reminds me of the sweat clinging to my body, shorts sticking to my legs as we run from each other, a giant game of tag in the empty lot to ta friend’s house” “I can feel the knots being brushed from my tangled hair, when I let air dry after getting put of the pool. I can hear the breeze blowing gently through the windows at night, and lulled to sleep by crickets, quiet melody.” It knows how to explain summer in a person’s eyes who really like summer just like me. I really like “Senses of Summer” because it knows how exactly to explain any ones summer.

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