"How to Shine"

September 27, 2011
By d-flo BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
d-flo BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“How to Shine” by Bea Kealy in the September 2011 edition of Teen Ink is something that I agree with because many people make fun of others. I think that kids do change when they move on to different steps of their lives. It might be because of the way they dress or just the way they view the world. The people that I hang out with do make fun of a lot of people, and I occasionally do as well. When people make fun of other people because of their size or physical features, it makes me mad because they can’t help the way they were born.

I am not surprised because people do change when they get older and are more easily influenced by others. At my school I do see the groups that are made and all of the people making fun of others. At almost every school, I think there is this same problem.

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