"A Vacation from Technology"

September 27, 2011
By killion BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
killion BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In “ A Vacation from Technology” byy Jennifer Flaherty in the September 2011 issue of Teen Ink, a guy proposes an idea to his family about going camping with a week without technology. He thought he couldn’t do it. But to his surprise, he didn’t only do it, he loved doing it.

I agree from the writer's point if view. He believed that people rely on technology too much, so he went a week without technology. He wanted to prove to his family that it is possible to do, and he ended up liking like better without technology. He didn’t watch TV, use a cell phone, a computer, or any kind of technology. He went back to the basics, like back when no one even knew what TV was. He was leery about it at first, and shortly after he began, he found out he loved his life without technology. I definitely can relate to this because I tried it, and ended up feeling so much better about myself. I accomplished so much more and had a healthier lifestyle. I am not surprised at all that he loved the change so much; I’m more surprised that the rest of the family didn’t join. At my school people have cell phones/laptops, and they act like they would die if they didn’t have these. Technology has made people so lazy, and I don’t see any positive change in the society.

The author's comments:
This inspired me to try it out for my self. Life is so much better without all the drama of technology.

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