"holy frijoles"

September 26, 2011
By dontphaseme BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
dontphaseme BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In Mary Dorroh’s article “Holy Frijoles” in the September 2011
edition of Teen Ink, there is this Spanish teacher who found a plate
of fresh frijoles on his desk and didn’t know to whom they belonged.
After the teacher went to go find the owner, the students were in the
classroom arguing about what a “frijol” is.

I thought this was entertaining because the classmates go
through this whole argument over all these different kinds of food,
ending up having to look this up and finding out the truth. I could
probably relate to this situation because I too didn’t know what a frijol
was; it surprised me. All the students saying all the foods just confused
me. I could actually see this happening in the Ayersville Spanish classes.
Our Spanish teachers are fun, and they will have fun with this situation.
After all I was surprised at the fact a frijol was just a type of bean.

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