War's Silent Hostage

September 26, 2011
By ShadySlim BRONZE, Bryan, Ohio
ShadySlim BRONZE, Bryan, Ohio
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“War’s Silent Hostage” by Dawn Krenn
September 2011

The dangerous war and how it kills many of our American people. War is not something to take lightly, it is very serious.

In my view, I understand everything she speaks of. My cousin was in the war in Afghanistan. He was a brave hearted individual, wasn’t scared of anything. I remember the day he graduated he said he was going into the war. But I didn’t doubt his decision. I knew he could help our country and succeed. He was one brave guy. I remember sitting at home when I got the call that he had been killed. I was devastated but at the same time proud of my cousin. Not my cousin my good brother. A brother who was a warrior and hero to many.

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