"Bad is the New Black" by Anna Vernon Review

September 27, 2011
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This selection of "Bad is the New Black" by Anna Vernon in the September 2011 issue talks about our generation of kids. The author expresses that the new “popular” thing is to be a “bad” kid or someone who does drugs or goes out and parties all of the time. I am in full agreement with this author. In the selection, she, the author, expresses how she is considered that “boring girl” who no one ever has to worry about. She feels like she’s the only one out there who doesn’t act like this generation of druggies and bad teens who parties all of the time and are continually doing something wrong. There are times when I feel exactly like how she does. I hear story after story of who was smoking what or who was hanging out with whom, and it makes me wonder if everyone else thinks I’m too boring or that I think I’m too good for them. Just as this author tries to get across, I believe that even though someone may not be considered “bad” or “cool,” doesn’t mean the person is perfect or that he/she is worth anything.

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