Delicious Dilemma

September 27, 2011
By Anonymous

In Andria Petros article “Delicious Dilemma” of Teen Inks September issue, Andria was watching a commercial telling her how unhealthy ice cream was and that it had so many calories. When she looks at the bowl of ice cream sitting in her lap, she thinks of how guilty she’ll feel if she eats it. There was no way frozen yogurt would be as delightful, so despite the commercial, she eats her ice cream, every last bite. She felt great about her decision.

I think it’s crazy how everything has to be healthy. People eat the way they do because they want to or else they would change it. Right? I love ice cream, and just like Andria, I’ve felt guilty and thought about how chubby I’ll get if I do eat it. Nine times out of ten, I eat the ice cream and, of course, it’s worth it. On rare occasions my dad will get frozen yogurt, and just like Andria said, “there was no way yogurt could bring me pure joy.”

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