"I Stink at Texting" Review

September 26, 2011
By TK1225 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
TK1225 BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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“I Stink at Texting” by Isabella Chirico was an interesting article. A girl is bad at texting and hates it with a passion. She has had bad relationships due to texting. It also seems as if the girl is highly irritable and serious.

Were I prompted, I would tell everyone that I know how I believe that texting is a gift from God. It enables individuals to talk to people without being on the phone. Sometimes a person has to communicate silently. Imagine this scenario: a bank is full of people and running smoothly. Suddenly four men with guns run in. They shout, “Get on the floor! Everybody on the floor now!” As everyone is cowering on the ground, can anyone still make a phone call? Probably not. Can anyone still text? Sure. It’s still risky, but it would be easier than trying to talk on the phone!

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