Skinny Jeans: Sexy or Scary Review

September 26, 2011
By NikNik12 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
NikNik12 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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I love the article “Skinny Jeans: Sexy or Scary” by Isheta Khanom! I have been against skinny jeans since they came out! They are too tight, and some don’t look good. I don’t understand why people wear them if they are painful. The saying “Pain is Beauty” is definitely not true. Regular jeans look just as good, have less health risks, and are comfortable. I’m happy somebody had the nerve to realize that the “in” trend isn’t always the best way to go or the healthiest. I’m against skinny jeans completely. They aren’t worth it.

The author's comments:

In the article "Skinny Jeans: Sexy or Scary" by Isheta Khanom, the writer declares skinny jeans are hazardous to a person's health. The girl who wrote this did research and found out that skinny jeans can causes many different risks that can become serious. Risks such as bladder infections and poor blood circulation are just some of the different causes. She gave a couple options that were the same as skinny jeans, like pajama jeans, that are healthier and still look good.

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