I Stink at Texting

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

In “I Stink at Texting” by Isabella Chirico issued in the September 2011
issue, a sixteen-year-old girl explains why she does not enjoy texting. She feels
that with her sarcastic personality, texting isn’t the best choice of conversing with
people. She comes to the conclusion that she is not going to text anymore
unless it’s for something important.

I would have to agree with what the author is saying in the selection
because I understand where she is coming from. Texting is not always for
everyone, especially people with a sarcastic personality. Most teenagers feel
more comfortable texting people than talking to them face to face, but I think for
certain occasions, it would be appropriate to talk to someone in person. But I also
think that anagrams like “lol” and “jk” come in good use. It helps whoever the person is
texting know whether to take the person seriously or not.

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