"How to Shine"

September 26, 2011
“How to Shine” by Bea Kealy in the September 2011 edition of Teen Ink is about teens in high school being labeled and are trying to fit in with society even though they all go through the same problems and aren’t perfect. Personally, I agree with this selection’s argument that people are being split up into cliques and are being labeled in high school. The topic of this article relates to me because even I would label people even though I may not know the person, but at the same time, that person may be labeling me. Labeling a person is a natural thing to do, whether you mean to do it or not, you are forming some kind of opinion about them which will have a label. Being labeled can be very hurtful and demeaning, but at the same time, being labeled as a “cool” kid or popular can make someone’s self esteem shoot through the roof. As a teenager going through high school, I would try my best to fit in with the “cool” kids. I would try my best to be accepted even if it meant to do things I didn’t want to do. I understand this selection, and I am not surprised at all that people are being labeled everywhere people go. These problems or dilemmas are in Ayersville, at home, everywhere there are people.

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