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Review of "Behold the Teenage Goddess"

September 26, 2011
By ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
ChelseaB SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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In “Behold the Teenage Goddess” by Michelle Tirto in the September 2011 issue of Teen Ink, she tells of how every girl wants to be beautiful or ‘The Teenage Goddess.’ She describes how they are so advantaged due to their good looks, and they can get anything they want, no matter what, including but not limited to boys, power, jobs, popularity, and making everyone else feel inferior or jealous. I personally can understand the author’s facts and point of view. Never being the pretty one, I’ve always had a jealous disposition to those who are prettier. They’re always being picked first from projects to sports to dates. Being the “non-conformist” girl who literally lives in my ratty old jeans and worn sweatshirt, I am the complete opposite of a teen goddess. Boys don’t give me a sideways glance; I’m almost always picked last in everything and haven’t been on a single date. EVER. She also speaks about how people who aren’t as model-looking think of the many ways they can one-up the “pretties.” I have to admit, my parents have always told me that it doesn’t matter if one’s pretty or not, but his or her intelligence, since that will get him or her farther in life. Understandable and inspirational advice, yes, but when there are sassy teenage girls who seem to have it all and know it, the last thing on my mind is my non-physical traits, no matter how great.

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