"I Stink at Texting"

September 26, 2011
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In “I Stink at Texting” by Isabella Chirico in the September 2011 issue, the writer vents about how she absolutely hates texting. She doesn’t know how to respond to a text, nor does she want to. She feels as if texts are pointless, and she would much rather get a postcard.

I can totally relate to the author of “I Stink at Texting.” Although I send a decent amount of texts a day, I have to admit that text messages are either a) pointless or b) not worth it. When it comes to boys, I do the exact same thing as the author. I send a message, throw my phone onto my bed, then wait anxiously for a reply that comes four hours later. The author stated that her friend sent her a text saying, “My baby sister is doing the pee-pee dance.” She was not amused, but annoyed. This makes me wonder how many annoying, pointless texts I send a day. When the girl says that she will spend so much time editing a ten-word text until it is fit for sending, I can completely relate. I am exactly the same way--it’s ridiculous. Next time I send a text, I will think to myself, ‘Is it really worth sending?’

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