Response to "A Vacation from Technology"

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous


In the article “India” by Ashok Kaul on September 2011, a teenage girl is experimenting with the usage of her tech life. She wants to see what it’s like when she gives up all her devices powered by energy. She does this for a week and realizes she can get much more worth doing done. She believes that it is easy, and people waste too much time with technology.

I can see why she wanted to do this experiment. She wanted to know what it’s like with no technology, and I was surprised when a teenager wanted to do it. It sounded very difficult for her, and I don’t think it was as easy for her as she depicted it. In today’s society, technology is overused, and everyone takes it for granted. I agree when she said much of her “lazy time” was gone, and she was able to do many more activities. All parts of the world are obsessed with technology, and we need to follow in this woman’s ideas.

The author's comments:
This piece reached out to me.

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