Monday Dawns

September 26, 2011
By Chris_10 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
Chris_10 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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“Monday Dawns” in the September 2011 issue is about a girl explaining how she feels waking up on a Monday morning after the long, enjoyable weekend. She states how everyone wants to be the best and first to achieve in school.

I highly agree with “Monday Dawns” by Caroline Tillman. Mondays are hard enough, but getting up in the morning after a long weekend is even harder. I can relate to this article because I usually always have a long and busy weekend, so waking up on Monday morning at six is a little rough for me. I do understand how she feels, feeling so tired and weak and worrying about who will be the best and achieve in the class. I’m not surprised how this girl feels. School is one of those things no one wants to do but has to. I think everyone at Ayersville dislikes getting up early for school no matter what the day is.

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