It's Not Your Fault

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Sandra Ramirez put the personal experience of a bad side of society onto an article “It’s Not Your Fault” in the September 2011 issue. She gave her opinion saying that sexual harassment should not be blamed on the girl’s clothing. She told her story how an older man approached her and made her think she was going to get raped. She couldn’t focus in school and never knew his exact intention.

I think what she did (called the police) was the best idea to do. Otherwise, she may have gotten raped. However, it went on for over a year. I would have assumed it would have happened long before that. However, I think girls are to blame sometimes for the attention they get. Their clothing could be a bit of attention drawing and body language, too. Many girls are flirts, but not all of them. Sometimes, they can flirt with speaking language, but I believe they do it and show it more with body language. I am not surprised one bit, but I can see it in Ayersville. Many girls think the top goal is to get a guy, and they will be “victorious.” This is what makes them mean. Again, most girls I know are like this. Not all of them are like that.

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