Senses of Summer

September 26, 2011
By ecramer.2013 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
ecramer.2013 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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After reading “Senses of Summer” by Amber Hart in the September 2011 issue, it brought warm feelings about summer. Hart explains in her response that summer is that time of year that brings friends back together. It eliminates all stress. It is full of late nights, going to the lake, slumber parties and swimming. Summer is free and lets a person be him or herself without worry.

Stress, stress, stress: I feel it the entire school year. However, when that last bell rings and the school year is over, all that is gone because it is summer! As Hart puts it the word summer is “sweet and familiar” It is a soothing time to break out and be my crazy self! I love summer and all the fun it brings: the sleeping in, bonfires, and swimming till I can’t stand. I love camping out and taking a late swim in the morning hours. It is evident at my home school, Ayersville, that this feeling is planted in all of us. It is sad to see the glowing in all of us slowly be let out because we all realize it truly is over. None the less, that glorious summer will soon come again and make our hearts skip a beat for the summer that “. . .is freedom.”

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