The Unexpected Outcome

September 27, 2011
By Shyann Elizabeth Simon BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
Shyann Elizabeth Simon BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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What most interested me in September’s Teen Ink was “The Unexpected Outcome” by “Teresa.” The story is about a girl named “Teresa” who has been dealing with her mom being a heroin addict since she was a little girl. She had to be the one keeping her and her mom together. Teresa’s mom spent all her money on drugs like heroin. This story caught my eye not just by the title, but when I started reading it, I didn’t want to put it down. Its a heart filling and sensitive story that really makes an impact on kids.

The only thing I would disagree with Teresa about, is why she didn’t go to the cops when she found out her mother was doing heroin. I know she wanted to keep her family together, but after her mom stole Teresa’s money for drugs, and later her mom told her to shoot heroin needles into her foot for her, that just shocked me. What I mostly like about this story is the line that inspires me, “The past is the past I will build my own future.” I think that's a great line to end the story with. I also think this piece changed my thinking. While I was reading this story, I thought to myself I have a loving family even though they might be annoying I still love them. I think kids should feel lucky for what they have, and compare themselves to a kid who has nothing.

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