I Stink At Texting

September 27, 2011
By arden bezahler BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
arden bezahler BRONZE, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
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In “I Stink at Texting” Isabella C. is a 16 year old girl who isn’t good at texting. She has a “sarcastic humor” that she doesn’t think comes across through text messages. There are “hackney anagrams” such as “lol” and “jk” that seem to help bring her humor to texts. All her friends text a lot and she feels she can’t text well. Whenever she was texting a guy she would “spend way too long crafting the perfect, charming, poignant reply.” She would get “inexplicably hysterical” when they wouldn’t reply right away and think that he was thinking of the right thing to say or just didn’t care. She also dated a guy who would talk through text but didn’t talk when they saw each other. She really prefers a hand written letter instead of text.

I am much like Isabella because I also can’t text well. I feel bad for Isabella because she can’t portray her humor well through text. People have become more attached to their
electronics. Talking face to face is a better way to communicate. I really like how Isabella tells us her experience not only when talking to friends but with guys also. I feel bad for her because she is trying to talk to people in real life, but everyone is getting caught up in all the technology. Even though her humor doesn’t come through texts, her writing was funny and enjoyable.

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