Bad is the New Black

September 27, 2011
By LiamWaaaaaaait BRONZE, Edgartown, Massachusetts
LiamWaaaaaaait BRONZE, Edgartown, Massachusetts
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When I first read “Bad Is the New Black” by Anna V. I was amazed to find how relatable it was and I found myself feeling as if the majority of my life was just sitting in front of my face printed in black and white. When I first went into sixth grade I found myself shocked at how much popularity mattered to most of my friends. I lost most my friends to the abyss of popularity, some of them went so far as to actually turn against me completely and even teased me or tormented me.

I really like the line “Because you, my acquaintances, are hanging out with the Popular Kids. The Bad Kids” because I feel as if that line explains everything that happened to me when I joined middle school, standing on the edge of the dark, unending pit of popularity, with nearly every friend I had trying to push me in. By then I had one friend left, and then three months later he left to live in Mashpee, MA. This piece did not change my way of thinking one bit, but it showed me that I’m not the only one out there who feels, or at least felt, like this.

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