You Don't Have To Be A Teenage Goddess

September 27, 2011
By laughlovedance BRONZE, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
laughlovedance BRONZE, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts
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In the September issue of “Teen Ink.” I read an essay called “Behold the Teenage Goddess” by Michelle T. This essay explained how it was easier in life to be a beautiful teenager. It states the teenage goddess gets all of the guys (and girls) to like them and life is so much easier. It also explains how taking the “Hilary Clinton road to success” won’t work. I do agree with Michelle that being a teenage goddess makes your life a lot better but, to a point, because I don’t know a lot of people who I would consider teenage goddesses and we all have plenty of friends and a great life.
There are times I look at myself in the mirror and wish to look more like a teenage goddess. Times that I want to be the most beautiful girl. Times that I feel good about myself. It is awesome to be a teenage goddess, I am not disagreeing with that. The part that I am disagreeing with is that everybody has to be one. In this essay it makes it sound like everybody has to be a teenage goddess to make it in life but, I don’t think that is true at all.
The things that make people like others are that they are kind to each other, forgiving, helpful and probably even funny. You wouldn’t walk up to somebody say “Hi, how are you” and get a response of “leave me alone kid” and still want to be their best friend because they are pretty. Even guys I know hate girls that are rude even if they are the best looking girl they have ever seen. Taking the “Hilary Clinton road to success” does work most of the time. The people who take that road are the ones who at the end of the school year winning all of the awards and getting the good grades. Then people start to love them. Being a teenage goddess is not the only road to success on the social pyramid.
You may not be pretty and amazing but that’s perfectly fine. No one has to be a teenage goddess to be liked. As much as you might enjoy being one, it does not matter in the long run. We all love being one once in a while it is just that a teenage goddess is not the only person who will be liked. Even if you are a teenage goddess, try taking the other road to will lead you somewhere.

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